Title: JACKPOT(잭팟)
Artist: Block B (블락비)
Played: 23684 times


jackpot - zico 

131224 Very Good - Yukwon


amused b-bomb

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favorite mvs + lyrics:

It’s dark and I can’t see
I put out my hand but only the wind clashes
I don’t know why but this place is strange
The day the rain stops and you shine on me
This love will bloom again

rewinding 2013: Block B’s 3rd mini album, Very Good

► No matter how many times Block B has been knocked down or sneered upon, they’ve shown us what it really means to get back up again to become even better and greater than we’ve ever imagined. I am so proud that you guys have come this far and that I am able to say that I am part of this journey #1000DaysOnTheBlock